Here's a Little More About Me - Andrew Brown

The Hon. Archbishop Desmond Emeritus Tutu
I started Photography in 1978 as a Dark Room Technician in the South African Defence Force. Taking Photographs became my passion in the years following. I completing a Bachelors of Arts Degree & started working for Newspapers. From 1992 until 2001 I worked for the Cape Times on contract. During this period I also worked for the Associated Newspaper Group in the UK as a Freelance Photographer covering News in South Africa and Africa. I became well known for Photographing International & local Celebrities. For the last 12 years my work has become more Corporate, covering Company Events, Annual Reports and CEO Portaits. My portfolio exhibits quite a wide range of work that I am able to do. I work quickly with the Client receiving the completed job the following day.
"Live Today for the better of tomorrow"
Corporate Social Responsibility & Awareness
With the world forever changing, new issues plague our communities and our global perspective of what should be expected of human kind. Global Warming, Corporate Social Responsibilies or the protection of our animals which have made our lives livable to date. I am constantly thrust into the realms of existance and the push and pull of forces, striving to make the change, to create a valuable difference, for the survival of all on earth. "Go Ahead Make The Change" - The Late Michael Jackson